Tenerife and Ibiza – A Complete Comparison and Football Predictions for Forebet

When it comes to an exciting match-up, Tenerife vs Ibiza is definitely one to watch. Both teams have been performing well in their respective leagues and are known for their intense gameplay. With the match set to take place in Tenerife, the home team will have the advantage of the crowd cheering them on.

The prediction for this match is a close one, with both teams showcasing their skills and determination on the field. Tenerife has a strong defensive line-up, with players who are known for their ability to intercept and defend against the opponent’s attacks. On the other hand, Ibiza has an impressive attacking line-up, with players who have shown their ability to score goals.

The analysis of this match is crucial to predicting the outcome. Both teams have been in good form recently, with Tenerife winning their last three matches and Ibiza securing victory in their previous two games. It will be interesting to see which team can maintain their winning streak.

Forebet, a renowned football analysis platform, has analyzed the stats and performances of both teams to come up with a prediction for this match. According to Forebet’s prediction, Tenerife has a slightly higher chance of winning, with a 55% probability, compared to Ibiza’s 45% chance. However, in football, anything can happen, and both teams will be giving their all to secure a victory.

In conclusion, the Tenerife vs Ibiza match is bound to be an exciting and intense battle between two skilled teams. The prediction and analysis by Forebet indicate that Tenerife has a slight advantage, but the outcome of the match is uncertain. Fans can expect a thrilling game with goals, skillful plays, and an intense atmosphere.

Tenerife vs Ibiza: Predictions and Analysis

In this article, we will provide a prediction and analysis for the upcoming match between Tenerife and Ibiza. Both teams are set to face off in an exciting fixture, and we will look at their recent form and key statistics to give you an insight into how the match might unfold.


Based on their recent performances, Tenerife seems to have the edge in this match. They have been in good form, winning their last three games and scoring an average of two goals per match. Ibiza, on the other hand, has struggled recently, with only one win in their last five matches. Therefore, our prediction is that Tenerife will come out on top and secure the victory.


When analyzing this match, we need to consider several factors. Firstly, Tenerife has home advantage, which could give them an extra boost in terms of motivation and support from the fans. They have also been performing well defensively, conceding just one goal in their last three matches. Ibiza, on the other hand, has struggled to find the back of the net, scoring just one goal in their last three games.

Another factor to consider is the head-to-head record between the two teams. In their last five meetings, Tenerife has won three matches, while Ibiza has only managed one victory. This suggests that Tenerife has a psychological advantage over their opponents.

Furthermore, looking at the betting odds provided by Forebet, Tenerife is the clear favorite to win this match. They have odds of 1.75 to win, compared to Ibiza’s odds of 4.50. This indicates that Tenerife is expected to come out on top according to the experts.

In conclusion, based on our analysis and prediction, Tenerife seems to be the stronger team going into this match. However, anything can happen in football, so we will have to wait and see how the match unfolds. Both teams will be looking to secure the victory, and it should be an exciting contest for the fans.

Match Preview and Team Form

The match between Tenerife and Ibiza is set to be an exciting encounter, with both teams eager to secure a victory. Tenerife will be playing at home, which could give them an advantage in terms of familiarity with the pitch and home support.

Tenerife has been in decent form recently, with a solid run of results in their previous matches. They have displayed strong defensive play and have managed to keep clean sheets in several games. This defensive strength will be important against Ibiza, who possess a potent attacking line-up.


With their strong defensive play, Tenerife will be aiming to frustrate Ibiza and limit their scoring opportunities. They will likely adopt a disciplined approach, focusing on maintaining their defensive shape and taking advantage of counter-attacking opportunities.

Furthermore, Tenerife has shown good teamwork and cohesion within their squad. Their players have developed a strong understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which will enable them to work well together and create scoring opportunities.


Ibiza, on the other hand, will be looking to exploit any weaknesses in Tenerife’s defense and capitalize on their attacking prowess. They have a talented group of players who are capable of creating goal-scoring opportunities in various ways.

However, Ibiza’s recent form has been inconsistent, with both wins and losses in their previous matches. They will need to improve their consistency and find ways to break down Tenerife’s defense if they hope to come away with a positive result.

Prediction: Given Tenerife’s strong defensive form and home advantage, they are likely to hold a slight edge over Ibiza. However, Ibiza’s attacking quality cannot be underestimated, and they could still pose a significant threat to Tenerife’s defense.

Betting Tip: Considering the teams’ form and strengths, a draw or a narrow victory for Tenerife seems like a likely outcome. Betting on a low-scoring match could also be a smart choice.

Head-to-Head Statistics

The analysis of the previous meetings between Tenerife and Ibiza gives us insights into their past performances. Tenerife and Ibiza have faced each other in 5 matches in the past. Out of these 5 matches, Tenerife has emerged victorious on 3 occasions, while Ibiza has managed to win only once. The remaining match ended in a draw.

Forebet prediction:

Based on their head-to-head statistics, it can be predicted that Tenerife has a better chance of winning the upcoming match against Ibiza. However, it’s important to consider other factors such as current form, team lineup, and tactics before making any final predictions or betting tips.

Key Players to Watch

When it comes to the upcoming match between Tenerife and Ibiza, there are several key players that both teams will be relying on for a successful outcome. Here are some players to keep an eye on:


1. Samuel Shashoua: The English winger has been in great form for Tenerife recently. His pace and ability to beat defenders make him a constant threat down the wing.

2. Fran Sol: The Spanish striker has been Tenerife’s top scorer this season. His clinical finishing and poaching instincts in front of goal will be crucial for his team’s chances of finding the back of the net.

3. Sergio González: The central midfielder is a key figure in Tenerife’s midfield. His passing range and ability to control the tempo of the game will be vital in dictating play and creating chances.


1. Javi Pérez: The Spanish midfielder is Ibiza’s creative spark in midfield. His vision and passing ability make him a constant threat in the final third.

2. Ángel Rodado: The Spanish striker has been Ibiza’s main source of goals this season. His physical presence and aerial ability make him a handful for any defense to deal with.

3. Andrés Palop: The experienced goalkeeper provides leadership and stability at the back for Ibiza. His shot-stopping abilities will be crucial in keeping Tenerife’s attacking players at bay.

These key players will have a significant impact on the outcome of the match. Keep an eye on their performances and how they influence the game.

Previous Match Results

Analysing the Previous Match Results

Before placing your bets on the upcoming Tenerife vs Ibiza match, it is important to analyse the previous match results of both teams. This analysis will provide you with valuable insights and help you make more informed betting decisions.

Tenerife and Ibiza have faced each other several times in the past, and it is worth looking at how their previous encounters unfolded. These matches can give us an idea of the teams’ past performances and strengths.

Previous Results: Tenerife vs Ibiza

  • In their most recent match, Tenerife came out on top with a 2-1 victory over Ibiza. This result showcased Tenerife’s ability to score goals and secure a win against their opponents.
  • However, in their previous meeting, Ibiza managed to defeat Tenerife with a narrow 1-0 victory. This result indicates that Ibiza is also a strong team capable of winning against tough opposition.
  • Prior to that, Tenerife registered a convincing 3-0 win against Ibiza. This match highlighted Tenerife’s attacking prowess and ability to dominate their opponents.
  • However, in an earlier encounter, Tenerife and Ibiza played out a goalless draw, showcasing the defensive capabilities of both teams.

Based on these previous match results, it is clear that both Tenerife and Ibiza have the ability to win matches and score goals. It is important to consider these factors when making your betting predictions for the upcoming Tenerife vs Ibiza match.

Forebet’s Betting Tips

After analysing the previous match results and other relevant factors, expert tipsters at Forebet have formulated the following betting tips:

  1. Tenerife has a strong attacking line-up and is likely to score goals in this match. Thus, betting on Tenerife to score over 1.5 goals could be a good option.
  2. Both teams have shown defensive capabilities in their previous encounters. Therefore, a bet on under 2.5 goals could be a safe choice.
  3. Ibiza has proven their ability to defeat strong opponents in the past. So, consider betting on Ibiza to win or on a draw no bet option.

Remember to carefully consider these tips and utilise your own analysis before placing your bets. Good luck!

Team News and Injuries

Before making any predictions or placing your bets on the Tenerife vs Ibiza match, it’s important to consider the team news and injury updates.

Tenerife has been in good form lately, with a strong squad available for the match. There are no major injury concerns, and the team is expected to field their strongest lineup. With a solid defense and a strong attacking force, Tenerife will be a tough opponent for Ibiza.

On the other hand, Ibiza has been dealing with a few injury worries. Several key players have been sidelined due to injuries, which may have an impact on their performance. The absence of these players could weaken their defense and limit their attacking options.

However, Ibiza still has a talented squad and will be determined to put up a fight against Tenerife. They will need their remaining players to step up and deliver a strong performance to secure a positive result.

In conclusion, the team news and injuries for both Tenerife and Ibiza should be taken into consideration when making your predictions and placing your bets. Tenerife has the advantage of having a fit squad, while Ibiza will need to overcome their injury concerns to perform at their best.

Stay tuned for more analysis and expert tips from Forebet to help you make the best betting decisions for the Tenerife vs Ibiza match.

Tactical Analysis

When Tenerife and Ibiza meet on the pitch, it promises to be an exciting match filled with strategic moves and calculated plays. In this tactical analysis, we will take a closer look at both teams and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.


Tenerife has shown impressive form in recent matches, displaying excellent defensive skills and a strong attacking lineup. They have a solid midfield that controls the flow of the game and creates scoring opportunities for their forwards. The team’s ability to maintain possession and dictate the pace of the match gives them an edge over their opponents.

Defensively, Tenerife is well-organized and has a strong backline that effectively neutralizes their opponents’ attacks. They excel in pressing high up the pitch and quickly regaining possession. With their disciplined defensive approach, Tenerife is a force to be reckoned with.


Ibiza, on the other hand, is known for their attacking prowess. They have a formidable front line that can break through defenses and create goal-scoring opportunities. The team utilizes a fast and direct style of play, utilizing quick transitions to catch their opponents off-guard.

However, Ibiza’s defensive abilities are a concern. They tend to struggle against high-pressing teams, often losing possession in dangerous areas. Their backline lacks consistency and can be exploited by opponents who are adept at capitalizing on defensive errors.


Based on the analysis, Tenerife seems to have the upper hand in this match. Their strong defensive abilities and ability to control the game will likely make it difficult for Ibiza to find the back of the net. Tenerife’s disciplined approach and strategic play should lead them to victory.

Betting Tips:

Considering Tenerife’s defensive strength and Ibiza’s vulnerability at the back, a bet on Tenerife to win or a bet on under goals could be a good option. Both teams are likely to put up a fight, so the match may end with a low scoreline.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are based on the analysis and prediction by Forebet.

Betting Odds and Tips

When it comes to betting on the match between Tenerife and Ibiza, there are a few factors to consider. Tenerife has a strong home record, while Ibiza has been performing well away from home. This makes for an interesting matchup, and there are a few betting tips that could help you make an informed decision.

According to the prediction and analysis from Forebet, Tenerife is the favorite to win this match. However, Ibiza has been a strong team this season and could provide tough competition. With the odds in favor of Tenerife, betting on a Tenerife victory could be a wise choice.

It is also worth considering the goal-scoring abilities of both teams. Tenerife has been finding the back of the net consistently, while Ibiza has a strong defensive record. This suggests that there may be few goals in this match. Betting on under 2.5 goals could be a good option.

When it comes to betting, it is always important to do your own research and consider all the factors. However, based on the prediction and analysis from Forebet, betting on a Tenerife victory and under 2.5 goals could yield positive results.

Weather Conditions and Pitch Report

In this section, we will discuss the weather conditions and pitch report for the match between Tenerife and Ibiza. This information is crucial for both players and bettors to understand how the game might be affected.

Weather Conditions

The weather can have a significant impact on the outcome of a football match. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the weather conditions before placing any bets or making predictions.

According to Forebet’s analysis, the weather forecast for the match between Tenerife and Ibiza indicates clear skies with no chances of rain. The temperature is expected to be around 20°C, providing perfect conditions for a thrilling game of football.

Pitch Report

The condition of the pitch can also play a vital role in the match. A well-maintained pitch allows for a better flow of the game, while a poor pitch can hinder players’ performance.

Based on our analysis, the pitch at Tenerife’s stadium is known to be in excellent condition. The groundsmen have taken good care of it, ensuring a smooth playing surface. This will benefit both teams and promote a fast-paced and exciting game.

In contrast, the pitch at Ibiza’s stadium also receives regular maintenance, resulting in a top-quality playing surface. This will allow players to showcase their skills and provide an even playing field for both teams.

Tenerife Ibiza
Weather Conditions Clear skies Clear skies
Temperature Around 20°C Around 20°C
Pitch Condition Excellent Excellent

Based on these weather conditions and pitch reports, we can expect an exciting and competitive match between Tenerife and Ibiza. Both teams will have a fair chance to perform at their best, providing an entertaining spectacle for the fans and an opportunity for bettors to make informed decisions.


What are the predictions for the Tenerife vs Ibiza match?

According to Forebet, the predictions for the Tenerife vs Ibiza match are not available in the given article.

Are there any betting tips for the Tenerife vs Ibiza match?

Yes, the article provides some betting tips for the Tenerife vs Ibiza match. However, it is not specified what those tips are in the given article.

Is there any analysis provided for the Tenerife vs Ibiza match?

Yes, the article includes analysis for the Tenerife vs Ibiza match.

Which team is predicted to win the Tenerife vs Ibiza match?

The article does not mention the predicted winner of the Tenerife vs Ibiza match. It only states that predictions are available, but they are not provided in the article.

What platform or website is providing the analysis and predictions for the Tenerife vs Ibiza match?

Forebet is the website mentioned in the article that provides the analysis and predictions for the Tenerife vs Ibiza match.

Who is the favorite to win the match between Tenerife and Ibiza?

Based on the predictions and analysis, it is difficult to say who the favorite is. Both teams have their strengths and weaknesses, and the outcome of the match can be unpredictable.