Tenerife Podcast

Your Guide to Exploring the Island’s Culture, History, and Natural Wonders Through Audio

Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, is a true gem located off the coast of West Africa. Known for its sunny beaches, breathtaking volcanic peaks, and rich history and culture, Tenerife has so much to offer visitors. From hiking through lush forests and strolling along black sand beaches to discovering ancient villages and sampling delicious local cuisine, there are endless adventures waiting across this island paradise.

One of the best ways to dive deep into Tenerife’s endless offerings is through podcasts. Whether you’re planning your dream trip or looking to learn more about the island’s vibrant culture, podcasts are an excellent medium for exploration. Through captivating stories, interviews, and on-site reporting, podcasts can transport you straight to the heart of Tenerife no matter where you are in the world.

To discover the top podcast picks for uncovering Tenerife’s abundant treasures, read on for the ultimate guide.

Explore the Beauty and Adventure of Tenerife with The Tenerife Travel Podcast

For those seeking to uncover the top sights, activities, restaurants, and hidden gems across Tenerife, The Tenerife Travel Podcast is an excellent place to start. Launched in 2021 by Jonny Blair, a seasoned travel blogger who resides in Northern Ireland, this podcast provides detailed guides and honest reviews to help you plan your perfect Tenerife adventure.

With topics spanning everything from epic hiking routes up Mount Teide to must-tryCanarian cuisine, Blair regales listeners with his first-hand experiences across the island. His descriptions of luxurious resorts, off-the-beaten-path hikes through rugged gorges, and the best beaches for swimming and snorkeling make you feel like you’re exploring right alongside him.

One especially useful episode for active travelers is “Top 10 Best Hikes and Walks In Tenerife.” Blair meticulously outlines his favorite routes ranging from family-friendly coastal strolls to challenging full-day treks up volcanoes and through forests. His tips like starting early to avoid crowds and heat, packing plenty of water, and wearing proper hiking boots provide helpful preparation.

For foodies, “Top 10 Restaurants in Tenerife” takes you on a tantalizing tour from roadside food trucks dishing up classicCanarianpotatoes and mojo sauce to elegant seafood restaurants and bustling tapas bars. Blair highlights specialties at each stop like papas arrugadas, fresh caught parrot fish, and wrinkly potatoes baked in volcanic heat. His mouth-watering descriptions will leave your stomach grumbling!

Throughout every episode, Blair’s passion for helping others experience the diverse beauty across Tenerife is obvious. His enthusiasm paired with detailed reviews make The Tenerife Travel Podcast an indispensable guide. Each episode will get you one step closer to an unforgettable Tenerife escape.

Dive Into Tenerife’s Vibrant Culture and Cuisine with Janet Anscombe

Janet Anscombe, a British journalist who has called the Canary Islands home for decades, infuses her love for Tenerife into each episode of her self-titled podcast. With topics spanning local festivals, Canarian legends,ой indigenous recipes, and interviews with prominent chefs, artists, and historians, Anscombe offers an insider look into the island’s living culture.

One standout episode for gaining insight into traditional island life is “Exploring Canarian Cuisine.” Between Anscombe’s descriptions of staple ingredients like gofio (ground, toasted grain), parrot fish, wrinkly potatoes, mojo sauce, and Canarian wines, your mouth will be watering for a true taste of Tenerife. Anscombe outlines typical dishes at festivals and family gatherings while weaving in their cultural significance. You’ll learn why spilled wine at feasts represents blessings and luck or how goat meat and stews connect to the Guanche people, the aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

Beyond cuisine, Anscombe also spotlights incredible local artisans keeping traditional crafts alive. In “Meet the Artisans,” she visits workshops where master craftsmen create stunning musical instruments, delicate lacework, woven baskets, and sophisticated ceramics. Hearing their passion and dedication through Anscombe’s interviews will deepen your appreciation for Tenerife’s artistry.

With Janet Anscombe’s captivating Insider perspective, each podcast episode feels like joining a friend on a cultural adventure. You’ll come away with a sense of intimacy that will enhance every taste, sight, and encounter across this diverse island.

Uncover Tales of Tenerife’s Past with Historias Del Archipielago Podcast

The rich history of the Canary Islands dating back to ancient Aboriginal cultures and Spanish conquest creates a captivating backdrop across Tenerife. For a thrilling deep dive into the island’s past through dramatized tales, Historias Del Archipielago Podcast is a riveting choice.

This podcast produced by Juan Régulo Pérez brings Canarian folklore and legends to life in stunning detail. Through sound effects, music, and acting, listeners are transported straight to the heart each gripping story. Tales that reveal the values of early Aboriginal cultures, follow conquests by European explorers and pirates, and retell tragedies like the volcanic eruptions that crushed villages are all recreated with suspense and emotion.

One standout episode tells the tale of the Battle of Acentejo in 1494, a pivotal moment in Tenerife’s history. When an invading Spanish fleet met Guanche forces on the northeast coast, the outcome would determine the island’s fate. Pérez builds the battle scene with shouts, clanging swords, and screams of the wounded. The heroism of Guanche leader Bencomo plunging into the fray is palpable through the voice actor’s anguished cries. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as Pérez crafts an immersive sonic world and honors the warriors sacrificed.

Beyond dramatizations, Pérez also interviews descendants of prominent Tenerife families and researchers who provide context around historical events. These insights give deeper understanding into the cultures and decisions that shaped Tenerife as we know it today.

With its unparalleled ability to transport listeners straight into Tenerife’s captivating history, Historias Del Archipielago Podcast opens an illuminating window into the island’s past. Each thrilling episode will deepen your connection and appreciation for Tenerife.

Marvel at Tenerife’s Otherworldly Volcanic Landscapes with Walking Tenerife Podcast

As a jewel of volcanic origin boasting lava fields, craters, and the towering peak of Mount Teide, Tenerife offers one of earth’s most varied and stunning landscapes. To explore this terrain through guided walking tours led by expert geologists, Walking Tenerife Podcast opens up a world of wonder.

Each episode follows hosts Andrés and Kike as they traverse Tenerife’s otherworldly volcanic features while unlocking the secrets and science behind their formation. Whether trekking across Las Cañadas caldera, descending into jaw-dropping craters, or weaving between cooled lava flows, you’ll gain vivid new perspective on the natural forces that shaped Tenerife.

One especially exciting episode brings listeners into the breath-taking Teide National Park. As Andrés and Kike hike toward Mount Teide’s summit, they explain how eruptions millions of years ago created the soaring volcano and surrounding unique Martian-like terrain. When they stumble upon ancient lava bombs frozen mid-air, their childlike awe is contagious. The stunning acoustics of voices echoing across the vast caldera create a fully immersive experience.

Beyond volcanoes, the podcast also explores forests, beaches, and oceans. As the pair navigates pine forests on the Anaga Peninsula, they identify endemic flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth. At golden sand beaches, they outline the minerals that give the sand its hue and the origins of unusual rock formations offshore.

With Walking Tenerife’s exhilarating on-site exploration, your understanding of geology will grow exponentially. You’ll discover how volcanoes like Teide birthed the very ground below your feet, gaining a profound appreciation for Tenerife’s marvels.

Discover Hidden Corners Off the Beaten Path with Tenerife Uncovered Podcast

For travelers seeking to peel back the surface and uncover pockets of natural and cultural beauty far beyond the tourist track, the Tenerife Uncovered Podcast offers a roadmap to the island’s buried treasures.

British broadcaster and avid explorer Benjamin Dudley hosts this illuminating podcast that dives deep into tucked-away villages, pristine wilderness, and even hidden caves untouched by the modern world. With his palpable curiosity and gift for storytelling, Dudley handpicks locales where few outsiders venture and unearths their rich histories and secrets.

In “Anaga’s Amazing Ancient Secrets,” Dudley treks into the remote mountains and forests of the Anaga Peninsula said to be inhabited by witches and spirits. He uncovers ancient Aboriginal caves adorned with mysterious carvings, secluded hamlets lost in time, and coastal cliffs teeming with endangered wildlife. Through interviews with local guides and rich natural soundscapes, Anaga’s inexplicable energy and allure come to life.

In “Teno’s Buried Treasure,” Dudley embarks on a steep descent into a secret gorge in Teno Rural Park. At the bottom lies Cueva del Diablo, the Devil’s Cave, hidden from sight and known only to expert cavers. As Dudley squeezes through tight tunnels toward the cave’s glittering heart, his exhilarated reactions make you feel like you’re discovering this buried gem for the first time too.

Beyond his infectious curiosity, Dudley also movingly captures the kindness of locals who become his guides to their special islands. Their devotion to preserving cultural traditions and off-the-beaten-path wild places despite droves of tourists next door is truly inspirational.

With Tenerife Uncovered, Benjamin Dudley as your guide, you’ll feel like an intrepid explorer unearthing one stunning secret after another. Each episode will rekindle your sense of wonder and show Tenerife in a breathtaking new light.

Preserve Nature and Traditions Through the Voices of Local Heroes with Tenerife for the World Podcast

While Tenerife owes much of its vitality to tourism, the sheer volume of visitors also threatens treasured pockets of nature, culture, and community. Tenerife for the World Podcast profiles the unsung individuals fighting on the front lines to create a more sustainable future for their beloved island.

These episodes put human faces to critical environmental and social causes, telling the stories of activists, artists, organizers, conservationists, and healers. They describe their motivations, challenges, and small hard-won victories in their own words. Beyond spotlighting critical issues from pollution and climate change to cultural erosion, it empowers ordinary citizens making extraordinary change.

In “Guardians of the Forest,” we meet ecological nonprofit director Pedro Álvarez working to save Tenerife’s endangered Laurel forests from invasive species and human encroachment. Despite setbacks and waning funding, Álvarez perseveres as the forest’s staunchest defender, replanting native species and fighting to expand protected areas. His quiet passion ignites hope.

In “The Ocean Is My Home,” diver and filmmaker Carlota Díaz shares her mission to raise awareness about threats facing Tenerife’s vibrant but fragile marine ecosystems. From documenting unsustainable fishing to mobilizing beach cleanups, she helps people recognize the ocean as an extension of their home. Díaz’s dedication is infectious, showing how every individual can make waves.

Tenerife for the World introduces people of all ages and backgrounds united in their devotion to protecting this singular place. Their grassroots efforts inch the island towards becoming the sustainable, inclusive community all residents deserve. Their stories will rekindle your passion to advocate for the places and values you hold dear.

Immerse Yourself in Tenerife’s Breathtaking Beauty Through Sound with Canary Waves Podcast

Sometimes the greatest adventures require simply sitting still, closing your eyes, and drinking in the sensuous beauty of a place. For a meditative, poetic escape to Tenerife’s most awe-inspiring soundscapes, Canary Waves Podcast offers total immersion.

Each episode places you amid the gentle lapping of ocean waves, the haunting calls of whales echoing offshore, or the symphony of exotic birds greeting sunrise in a forest canopy. With no narration or music, only the purest natural sounds, you can relax into the present moment and let Tenerife’s landscapes speak for themselves.

One soothing episode transports you to Masca Valley, known as the lost valley of Tenerife. Crisp river water bubbles over stone while goats bleat faintly in the distance. The valley walls seem to shelter and cocoon you as birds provide an ever-changing melody. Time slows down, your mind empties, and you sync into nature’s own peaceful rhythm.

At Taganana Beach, another episode places you atop coastal cliffs where waves crash below and raucous seagull cries pierce the air. The wide stereo image and treble-rich acoustics make you feel enveloped by ocean spray. As your mind wanders, this timeless place washes over you.

With Canary Waves, Tenerife becomes your personal sanctuary amid the stresses and chaos of everyday life. You can return anytime to immerse yourself in places untouched by humanity and restore inner peace. Let the island sing to you, and you’ll uncover profound gifts that remain long after the sounds fade.

The diverse voices of Tenerife await you. Let these immersive podcasts transport you to golden sands, misty mountain forests, gushing river valleys, and medieval villages bustling with music and laughter. Through insightful storytelling, detailed travel guides, and pure atmospheric beauty, a deeper, enriching journey across Tenerife unfolds with each episode you stream. With so many perspectives to explore, your yearning for the Island of Eternal Spring will never end. Press play, and dive in.

Discover the Pioneers and Mavericks Who Shaped Tenerife Through Storytelling with The History of the Conquest and Conversion of the Canarians Podcast

The sweeping story of Tenerife across centuries is populated by courageous figures who imagined a different future and pursued it against all odds. To dive into tales of the trailblazers, visionaries, and staunch defenders who shaped life on the island as we know it, The History of the Conquest and Conversion of the Canarians Podcast is a riveting choice.

This podcast created by artist and storyteller Amaro González weaves together well-researched narratives bringing prominent historical personalities to life in vivid detail. From warring native Guanche tribes to the first European conquerors and missionaries, González spotlights gripping tales of glory, heartbreak, fierce conviction, and moral complexity. His mastery of oral storytelling techniques like roleplaying key characters, ramping up drama, and employing cliffhangers makes each story leap off the page.

One standout series chronicles native Guanche leader Bencomo’s fierce two-decade resistance protecting his homeland from European invasion. González presents Bencomo as a multilayered character, highlighting his military prowess,hot temper, thirst for vengeance, but also tenderness for family and unwavering sense of honor. When defeat ultimately comes, González movingly captures Bencomo’s stoic dignity as he chooses exile rather than surrender. You’ll come away with profound admiration for this complex historic hero.

Beyond warriors, González also dives into religious figures like Fray Alfonso de Bolaños who arrived in the 1500s filled with zeal to convert native peoples to Christianity yet evolved to defend their rights. Through understanding fears on both sides, González extracts resonant lessons about humanizing those different from us that still ring true.

For history buffs or anyone intrigued by the giants on whose shoulders we stand today, The History of the Conquest and Conversion of the Canarians podcast powerfully brings the past to life. Their timeless struggles, sacrifices and vision light the way on our own journey forward.

Feed Your Curiosity About Tenerife’s Present and Future with Capital Podcast

Beyond its rich history, Tenerife continues to forge an identity unique among Spain’s diverse archipelagos. To plug into the island’s pulse in real time through exploring burgeoning arts, environmental initiatives, business innovations and more, Capital Podcast delivers a finger on the heartbeat of today’s Tenerife.

Created by research journalist Eric Parnisari, each episode dives into a compelling aspect of modern island life through interviews with a rotating slate of guests ranging from astronomers and artists to entrepreneurs and athletes. Parnisari’s infectious curiosity paired with friendly conversational tone creates an intimate space to understand his subjects’ passions and purpose.

One standout episode features clothing designer Patricia González del Castillo of the label The Magic Dress. She describes growing up on the island, the organic process behind her whimsical, feminine designs, and building an internationally-visible fashion house that honors Canarian roots. González del Castillo’s infectious optimism provides a dose of inspiration.

In another episode, chef José Expósito discusses founding pop-up restaurant events that donate proceeds to Tenerife charities and involve customers in serving meals. His creative model for leveraging food to build community offers a template for impact-driven businesses on the rise.

Beyond innovators, Parnisari also explores broader issues shaping society like sustainability, emerging art forms like sculpture collective Recycle Art, and promoting inclusion. The diverse voices on Capital Podcast paint a dynamic portrait of Tenerife as a place embracing its past yet pushing toward a thoughtful future.

The podcasts explored in this guide represent only a sampling of the many nuanced audio journeys through Tenerife’s natural grandeur, storied history, and vibrant modern culture awaiting listeners. Together they add rich dimension that words or images alone cannot capture. Each episode will open your eyes, move your spirit, and bring you closer to the very heart and soul of the Island of Eternal Spring. Let these inspiring voices transport you, teach you, captivate you. Press play today, and let Tenerife reveal its true self.